th the generous and continuing support of our Artists, The Arts of Kenmore is able to produce the annual Kenmore Art Show, provide grants to local school arts classes, and to operate the Kenmore City Hall Art Gallery.


AOK Artist Supporters and Sustaining Supporters



Gloria Alexander

Christie Avery-Cooper

Julie Anne Blake

Roberta Brockliss

Jamie Campbell

Jim Caroll

Valencia Carroll & Johnny Mann

Peggy Champin

Frances Clapper

Kathi J. Erickson

Michael Flynn

Christine Forcucci

Kathryn Greisen

Sara Solum Hayashi (sustaining)

Henry & Lauren Heerschap

Katherine Holzknecht

Cindy Jensen

Gay Jensen

Kathy Kimball

Deborah Knetzger

Skyler Larson

Margaret Li

Florence Lindstrom

Ti Locke

Anna Macrae

Gail Marinez

Roxine McQuitty

Patrick McSweeney (sustaining)

Kellie Moeller

Jessa Morissey

Steve Nylin

Elaine O’Riley

Robert Routt

Jill Schwennsen

Beverly Shaw-Starkovich

Iris Stripling

Laurie Williams

Joe Wuts

Jan Viney (Sustaining)

Sue Ellen Zhang