With the generous and continuing support of our art patrons, The Arts of Kenmore is able to produce the annual Kenmore Art Show, provide grants to local school arts classes, and to operate the Kenmore City Hall Art Gallery.

AOK Individual Supporters and Sustaining Supporters

Luella Armstrong

Linda and Gordon Baker (sustaining)

Jerry Baldwin (sustaining)

Bob and Ernie Coombs

Barbara Dietrich

Les and Annette Eaton (sustaining)

Russ and JoAnn Evans (sustaining)

Lorna Glastra

Marion Hunter

Cindy Jensen

Bruce and Delores Johnson

Dave Maehren (sustaining)

Bev McFarland

Jack and Lorraine Nicholson

Barbara and Joseph Osborne

Lester and Tamra Patton (sustaining)

Paul and Bernice Peck

Elmer and Pat Skold (sustaining)

Jim Torpin

Anthony and Tricia Woods (sustaining)